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We offer new Heyde Replacement Parts, reproductions from original Heyde figures. The Heyde Replacement Parts (HRP) are for Size 2 figures, unless noted otherwise. The Grobe 2 / Size 2 figures represent the most popular scale size, which measures approximately 48mm for Infantry and 58mm for Cavalry figures. Some parts may also be suitable for smaller or larger figures. (minimum order of $5.00)

Prices for 2005, add 20% to item price.

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 HPR page 1: Flags, Lance, Drums, Backpacks, Ammo pouch, Guns, Sword
 HRP-1,  Large Prussian Flag,  $2.50 HRP-6, Backpack,  $0.60
 HRP-2, Lance w/ flag,   $1.00 HRP-7, Nap. eagle pouch,  $0.25
 HRP-3, Infantry flag,  $1.50 HRP-8, Basic pouch,  $0.25
 HRP-4, Small drum,   $0.60 HRP-9, Sword,  $0.50
 HRP-5, Large drum,   $1.00 HRP-10 through 14:, Guns, $0.50
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HPR page 2: Heads - 1700's, 1800's, 1900's

 HRP-15,  Fre. service cap, $0.60 HRP-28, Fre. WWI, $0.60
 HRP-16, Shako,   $0.60 HRP-29, Kepi, $0.60
 HRP-17, Fre. Grenadier, $0.60 HRP-30, Pith helmet,  $0.60
 HRP-18, Scottish Grenadier, $0.60 HRP-31, Officer cap, $0.60
 HRP-19, Tricorn, $0.60 HRP-32, Air service cap,  $0.60
 HRP-20, Germ. WWII,  $0.60 HRP-33, Bersaglieri, $0.60
 HRP-21, Hussar,  $0.60 HRP-34, Italian cap, $0.60
 HRP-22, Jager,  $0.60 HRP-35, Turban w/ peak, $0.60
 HRP-23,  Spiked helmet, $0.60 HRP-36, Indian turban, $0.60
 HRP-24, Sailor cap,   $0.60 HRP-37, Moroccan, $0.60
 HRP-25, Spiked plume, $0.60 HRP-38, Turkish,  $0.60
 HRP-26, Jager plume, $0.60 HRP-39, Egyptian, $0.60
 HRP-27, GI helmet, $0.60 HRP-40, Arab turban,  $0.60

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 HPR page 3: Shields, Backpacks, and Horse reins

 HRP-41,  Round shield, $0.75 HRP-49, Pack w/ round kit, $0.60
 HRP-42, Native shield,   $0.75 HRP-50, Pack w/ meal kit, $0.60
 HRP-43, Rnd. pointed shield, $0.75 HRP-51, Small lion shield,  $0.50
 HRP-44, Roman shield, $0.75 HRP-52, Large lion shield, $0.75
 HRP-45, Crusader shield, $0.75 HRP-53, Small reins,  $0.30
 HRP-46, Eagle shield,  $0.75 HRP-54 Large reins, $0.40
 HRP-47, Cross shield,  $0.75 HRP-55, Pack w/square kit, $0.50
 HRP-48, Eagle shield,  $0.75 HRP-56, Backpack, $0.50

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 HPR page 4: Bucket, Flag, Skies, Bow, Pouches, Plume, and others

 HRP-57, Bucket, $0.50 HRP-65, Holstier, $0.35
 HRP-58, Cannon sponge,   $0.75 HRP-66, Shovel, $0.35
 HRP-59, Inf. ski, $0.50 HRP-67, Small ammo pouch, $0.35
 HRP-60, Flag resting, $1.25 HRP-68, Large ammo pouch, $0.45
 HRP-61, Bow, $0.60 HRP-69, Plume,  $0.30
 HRP-62, Arrows,  $0.30 HRP-70, Small pouch, $0.25
 HRP-63, Double Axe ,  $0.50 HRP-71, Germ. grenade, $0.30
 HRP-64, Spear,  $0.80 

Adding more parts in future
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Please contact us, if you have any questions or comments. If you did not find what
you are looking for, let me know and I will try to find it.

Best way to contact is Email James Finn: fineas@prodigy.net
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